Petal, Georgia is back!

All three books in my Petal, GA series – ONCE AND AGAIN, LOST IN YOU and COUNT ON ME will be re-releasing over the next several months from Carina Press!

Just look at these gorgeous new covers!

Out first – this coming Monday, March 18 is ONCE AND AGAIN!

Previously published; newly refreshed by author—including bonus chapters!

Petal, Georgia: Small town, second chances and sizzling romance.

At twenty-eight, Lily Travis never imagined she’d be back living with her mom and dealing with her messed-up little brother. Yet that’s exactly where she finds herself, seven long years after she left Petal, Georgia—and the boy who broke her heart—in the dust. Her first order of business? Getting her ex to help turn her brother’s life around.

If he happens to notice just how much she hasn’t been missing him, all the better.

As a teacher, Nathan Murphy is used to dealing with the unexpected, but nothing prepares him for Lily—looking like a smokin’ hot vintage pinup come to life—strolling through his door and right back into his heart. He always regretted the way things ended between them; this could be his chance to make up for past mistakes.

Lily can’t resist Nathan’s Southern-honey charm, or the way he makes her melt when she’s in his arms. She fell for him once—falling for him again could destroy her. But it could also mean finding love in the last place she ever expected: home


A Visit to Petal, Part One: Alone Time

All couples need a little alone time. Glimpse what the citizens of Petal are up to in between Once and Again and Lost In You, the next book in the series. Now available at the end of the novel!


Then, May 13, book two LOST IN YOU releases!


Getting lost in the arms of a bad boy never felt so good

Time and the military have made Joe Harris a better man than he was when he left Petal, Georgia, ten years ago. Now that he’s back, all he wants is to take care of his dad, get his garage up and running and spend time with his dog. He has no plans for a relationship, especially one with his best friend’s kid sister, no matter how much she tempts him. And boy does she ever.

Beth Murphy grew up surrounded by trouble, so these days she steers clear when she sees it. Until Joe Harris rides back into town—he’s the kind of trouble worth getting tangled up in. She knows he’s not the same guy he once was, but there’s something he’s not telling her.

When things at home take a turn, Joe does the only thing he can: he pushes Beth away. This is his responsibility, not hers. But Beth isn’t about to lose him—not when they’ve already lost their hearts to each other.


A Visit to Petal, Part Two: Girls’ Night Out

There’s a wedding coming up and the pre-parties are half the fun. Glimpse what the citizens of Petal are up to in between Lost in You and Count on Me, the next book in the series. Now available at the end of the novel!


And July 8 is COUNT ON ME!


A town divided. A family torn apart.

Is one love strong enough to overcome it all?

Caroline Mendoza left home to become a lawyer with one goal in mind: prove her father’s innocence. Now she’s back, and nothing will stop her from uncovering the truth—not the folks of Petal, who have their own ideas about the case, not her siblings and definitely not Royal Watson, who should probably stand trial for being indecently and undeniably hot.

Royal has his hands full with his organic farm, but the moment he bumps into Caroline he comes up with a hundred new ways to keep his hands busy. And when their passion grows into real love, the future Royal always wanted is finally just within reach.

But the more they dig into the past, the more it becomes clear someone in Petal doesn’t want them to find answers…and will do anything to make sure the truth remains buried. Including putting an end to their investigation once and for all.

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