de La Vega Cats

March 20, 2017: The de La Vega cats series has been moved to Carina Press and the books will begin to re-release in the later half of 2017 with new covers, blurbs and light edits. They'll remain the same stories as the original versions.

TRINITY is Jack Meyers' book and the spin off into a new series set in Boston, de La Vega Cats. The wolves will still be part of the overall world the series is set in, but it'll focus strongly on the de La Vega Jaguar Jamboree. Those books are Trinity, Revelation and Beneath the Skin. UNCONDITIONAL is the start of a new mini-story arc that takes place in the same world as my Bound By Magick books. Unconditional starts in the middle of CHAOS BURNING and the book following UNCONDITIONAL will feature the world after the devastation of the Magister. It will feature characters from the National Pack and the de La Vega Jaguar Jamboree.Related to the Cascadia Wolves series and set in the same world as it and the Bound By Magick series, TRINITY is the first in a multiple book story arc — is about Renee Parcell, her jaguar shifter husband Galen de La Vega and werewolf enforcer, Jack Meyers. Up next is REVELATION, Renee's sister Kendra's story! BENEATH THE SKIN is Gibson and Mia's story.

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Beneath the Skin
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