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cover for Reckless

This is the first in a spin off series that will feature characters from my Northwest set contemporary romances! Reckless features Miles Brown from my Brown Family books. Future books in the series will include characters from the Hurley Boys, Whiskey Sharp, Ink & Chrome and the Brown and Delicious books.

Bright Lights…

Harlow Martin is a rock star’s kid. She’s wanted to be a musician her whole life and at last, she and her band, Above Me, will be the opening act on chart topping mega-stars, Earthquakes upcoming US tour.

Miles Brown started Earthquakes straight out of high school, and after years of working his butt off, the band was headlining an arena tour. Multiple platinum albums, some music video awards, commercials, print ad work and a few movies had taken Miles from an unsure teen into a confident, charismatic man, absolutely certain of himself.

And then Harlow bounded back into his life. Though he’d grown up backstage with her when their dads had played festivals together, he’s not ready for the immediate sensual punch in the gut grown-up Harlow was. He’s absolutely captivated by her and though he knows it’s reckless, he can’t deny the temptation of her lips.

Rock and Roll…

Harlow is an independent, accomplished musician. Her confidence on stage is something she can put on like a dress. The tour has raised Above Me’s profile and sent them to the next level of success. Her relationship with Miles continues to deepen each day and as she gets to know him, falling for him is inevitable. He knows her, sees right to the heart of her and loved her for it. She knows what a gift that is. Even when it took work to keep her gorgeous, spoiled and caregiving alpha from rolling right into her life and taking over.

Miles thought he knew what love was, but once he finds it with Harlow, he can understand what a pale imitation he’d had before. He loves her fire and her poet’s soul. Loves the way she’s dedicated and loyal to her closest friends and family. Loves the way she trusts him and brings out the best in him. Even managed to love his bossiness.

When an old heartache is bruised anew and Harlow’s peace is threatened, Miles needs to walk a path between help and control, while vowing to protect her beautiful heart.


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I figured I’d do some quick answers here to the questions I get most. If you have more, park them in the comments and I’ll add them here to the body of the post.

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