Metamorphosis Series

Metamorphosis is a brand new series I'll be self publishing. The first entry is ALL THAT REMAINS featuring Summer, Charlie and Hatch which appeared in the MARKED print anthology back in 2014. Then, I got ill and everything had to be paused far longer than I'd thought it would be. But ALL THAT REMAINS is finally available again in digital formats and ALL THE LITTLE PIECES — Dulce, AJ and Red's story will be next.

While the series is an earth set post plague futuristic, it is not a dystopian future. What we knew has metamorphosed into the new normal. Different yes, but still good in its own way. Four hundred years ago the Parkington-Bay virus infected and killed ninety percent of the humans on the face of the earth. The two generations that followed were lost to the chaos of waves more of contagion from all the dead from Park-B and the breakdown and marked change in basic human culture. In the following years, climate change rendered large swaths of the planet inhospitable, further changing culture and populations as humans changed not only how they lived, but where they lived as ocean levels rose along with temperatures. In the early days of Park-B, people would leave the population centers thinking to avoid the illness. They took to the roads in RVs and campers and the imprint of what would later become a caravan lifestyle began as successive generations took to the roads to earn a living with itinerant and migrant labor in the various food production centers, on construction crews, energy farms and the like. But it's not all caravans. There are still cities, though far fewer and with much smaller populations. And outside the cities there are villages, permanent population centers with a flow of migrant labor, usually to harvest crops of all types.

ALL THAT REMAINS and ALL THE LITTLE PIECES are set in such a place called Paradise Village. High up in the mountains, it's warm enough to support orchards and all sorts of year round crops people come and go to process and then send out to Portland and some of the remaining cities on the west coast. More than the physical and environmental changes, the shape and form of relationships has changed drastically. Not only are there less people, fertility rates are also very low with female births a scant percentage overall. Over four centuries this has created a culture that values and respects women with near reverence. It also means triads and quads are far more commonplace than a dyad (or two person relationship). The Metamorphosis books are intensely erotic books. Some with very unconventional relationships, but all will be romances.

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All That Remains
Book 1