Print is coming! It’s in the system, just waiting to go live (I’m hoping within the next 24 hours). Digital is live at all the familiar places. Links are right below. Audio and translations are things I want to do, but doing this independently takes more time and money so it’ll be a while. I’m still learning everything!



Alexander Copeland Keenan is a second-generation tattoo artist. He’s got a reputation as a rising star and a six-month waitlist to prove it.

He’s been focused on work and family, not looking for anyone or anything serious, but suddenly there’s more. Suddenly there’s everything when he meets Pippa Hall.

Neither is ready for the bolt of instant attraction, or for the intensity of the days and weeks to follow as their chance meeting develops into an exclusive—and very intense—relationship.


To most of the world, Hamish Wilson is a talented, hard living, hard loving singer-songwriter. Most people don’t know the real person behind the mask. From their first meeting a year prior, Pippa saw right to the heart of him and hadn’t judged. Even better, she’d been his safe harbor, and a true friend.

He tells himself he’s not worthy of a committed romantic relationship with her, but fate—and Xander—intervened. Pippa wasn’t the only one either man had history with, and after an unplanned beginning, the three embark on an exclusive triad.


Pippa Hall grew up in a family whose idea of discipline sent her and two of her sisters fleeing to start a new life in Seattle. She’s got an excellent job as a mechanic at Twisted Steel, a custom car and motorcycle shop, a close relationship with her sisters and several dear friends, and then…

She wasn’t prepared to fall head over heels with two very bossy men whose focus was her well-being and pleasure. Pippa is loved. Deeply.


In the midst of their happily ever after, the shadow of Pippa’s past casts a threat on the happiness and security of their lives. It will take more than love to overcome the fear. The three must stand, united to defend what is theirs.

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  1. Wendy
    September 7th, 2023 at 5:29 am · Link

    This is a question and a request. Do you have a general idea of when there might be audio versions of Ignition and Reckless? I understand that audio versions of your books may require an extra investment of your time to produce. I just wanted to speak up to let you know how important my audiobooks are, as I’m having more and more trouble with my eyes. Knowing that one of my preferred authors has come out with a new book, (especially if it’s the latest in a well-loved series), but it’s not out as an audiobook, is rather painful. It’s a little like knowing old friends have come to see other friends nearby, but nobody called to invite you to join in. I love listening to your books; thank you for writing them!