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Busy week here! I’m sooooooo close to finishing Threat of Darkness I can taste it. Finished the last big sex scene, which sort of snuck up on me. Now all I have is the final scene in the book and I’m done and it’s off to beta and I can get started on Chased. Which by the way, releases March 6!

I also have really exciting news but I can’t announce it just yet. I’m waiting for all the final stuff to be taken care of and then I can say. I was pretty incoherent yesterday for a while.

This morning I woke up to find an ARC of Shelley Munro’s, FALLEN IDOL in my inbox. HEE! I can’t wait to read it and I’ll tell you all about it when I do.

Later today my husband is taking our 9 year old and a few of his friends out for a birthday thing at the local game center. Laser tag and video games and ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s. I’ll be here (thank heaven!) having a pizza party with the 5 year old who feels left out and the 2 year old who doesn’t care, LOL.

And now I need to finish a blurb. Enjoy your weekend!

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