Early Review for Taking Chase!

Oh man, this week has been so wonderful! I’ll fill you all in on the whole story early next week but a highlight was this review from Talia at Joyfully Reviewed, who made Taking Chase her November Recommended Read! It’s not up at the site yet so take a sneaky peek at it:

Taking Chase called out to my heart with the first scene. When I started reading, I could not believe the change in the man I loved to hate, Shane Chase. Still angry at his meanness in Giving Chase, I made myself give him another chance and I do not regret this decision for a moment. Shane is the ultimate stubborn hero. Content to chase away Cassie’s demons, he found redemption in allowing Cassie the freedom of healing. Cassie Gambol. What a fighter she was. Her triumph over adversity made me proud. Scarred, scared, and oftentimes hurting, the words, “uncommon valor” come to mind when I think of her. She humbled me with her spirit.

Taking Chase by Lauren Dane is book 2 of the Chase Brothers series and it is one of those books that you must read over and over. I found it hard to breathe at times because I was so caught up in the story. As Taking Chase unfolded, a sense of calm invaded my soul and I happily continued the ride. Lauren Dane’s writing continues to amaze me, and it gives me great pleasure to Joyfully Recommend Taking Chase!

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  1. Lori
    November 12th, 2006 at 9:56 pm · Link

    Oooh, congrats, Lauren!! I can’t wait to read this one!