Finished Threat of Darkness last night and it’s off to beta this morning! I’d originally meant for this to be a foray into the world of the Fae but I think in the end it’s more a foray into the world of these warriors I’ve written. There are some familiar faces here and there – Aine, the queen of the Fae, Jayce, Con and Em and at the end we see Lee, Alex and Kael so that was fun.

Then I got back to Chased and I’m about 3K in now. I like Marc a lot and he’s fun to write dialog for.

Got two very lovely reviews for Tri Mates in JERR this morning! Both Five stars…

Tallyn gives TM an O and says: Lauren Dane has created an intriguing, suspenseful and erotic romantic tale about two dominating alpha males and their even more domineering mate. Tracy is a sassy, highly independent, intellectual, tattoo and piercing fanatic female who can hold her own. Nick is a clean cut, high maintenance second-in-command, while Gabe is a confident, self-assured, very professional high ranking alpha wolf. Both men are drawn to high maintenance women until they meet the very spirited Tracy. I found Tracy’s edgy and mischievous presence a likeable quality in a heroine and I can see why both men were drawn to her. The physical connection between the three characters is erotically explosive. Nick and Gabe’s need to protect, conquer and seduce just makes me envious of Tracy! The intimacy and love between Tracy, Nick and Gabe will have you prolonging your playtime with your partner. Definitely hot, hot, hot! I enjoyed the complexity of the political aspect of the storyline; it was quite fascinating and easy to follow. I found the interesting secondary and villainous characters to have depth and definitely added to my enjoyment of this story. Cascadia Wolves: Tri Mates can be read independently but I would suggest reading the first installment to better understand the unique and exciting world Ms. Dane has created. I look forward to reading future installments of this captivating series. A definite keeper!

and LT gives TM an H and says: Tri Mates has everything that I love about a book – werewolves, lots of sex, action, and two men to one female. HOT! I just loved this story. Tracy is a young woman not afraid of her sexuality. She has the nice girl appearance with the sex kitten appeal. Nick Lawrence is one sexy man and he was confident enough to know it without being arrogant. The sexual chemistry between Nick and Tracy was just plain hot. The friction between the Alphas from the Pacific clan against Tracy coming in as Nick’s mate and second was believable and fit with the plot. When Gabe volunteers to be Tracy’s anchor, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a triad always and not just once. Ms. Dane is a master of her craft. The sex was so good between Gabe and Tracy that you felt their guilt and began to feel sorry for Nick. It isn’t until later when Tracy’s grandmother points out the Tri Mate bond that I lost the guilt and the triad became very real. All of the characters played a major part in the story and I couldn’t imagine any of them being left out. I am looking forward to how the series will end and can’t wait to read more about the Cascadia, Pacifica and National packs.

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  1. Lori
    November 12th, 2006 at 9:58 pm · Link

    Congratulations on more great reviews 😀

  2. laurendane
    November 14th, 2006 at 3:42 pm · Link

    Thank you doll!