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I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about sex so it’s natural that I read about sex too. So while I do read a heck of a lot of romantica and erotica, I also read sex blogs. Sex blogs are (at least those I read anyway) can be intelligent and interesting and very informative. I don’t care about the pornographic sex blogs, that’s boring. I like the blogs written by intelligent people who have something to say about sex and sexuality.

I’m working out a BDSM storyline for a future book and so in addition to the research I’ve done books wise and about the lifestyle in general, I’ve also been reading a truly cool blog called Sweetness Follows. SF has journal entries from both the male (who is the dom) and his partner who is the sub. If you go to read, be respectful please, it’s a great blog and they are wonderful people.

Another favorite is Mistress Matisse She’s witty, smart and her blog is great reading and never fails to make me think or make me laugh, sometimes both.

Naked Loft Party is sometimes about polyamory, sometimes about sex, sometimes aboutnothing. It’s a good read

Oh and Rentboy Diaries. I love him. Not only are his entries very very sexy but they are also witty.

There are more voices out there that inform and delight. I find new ones from time to time. Some take me way out of my comfort zone and I tend not to visit again but that’s a good thing too. Others that I had grown to love have gone away – alas Belle Du Jour has ceased her blog and Red Whore is on hiatus.

The internet is an amazing place.

2 comments to “Sex Blogs”

  1. tammi
    January 12th, 2005 at 10:58 am · Link

    I see you like Erotica…have you seen this site? OR
    Totally original.
    She’s got 2 awesome sites!
    Take Care,

  2. MonMouth
    November 5th, 2005 at 6:56 am · Link


    Thank you Lauren. It’s a year-old post I know, but I just had to leave a little token of gratitude. Always a pleasure to get the nod from a pro like yourself.

    stay naughty,