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Everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed…

Listening to Pearl Jam from Irvine I, 2003, what an amazing night that was! I love seeing them outdoors even if Irvine Meadows is not the most fantastic venue in the world. The crowd was so revved up, the entire bowl nearly up to the grass was all fan club and you could tell. Nothing in the world like a live PJ show filled with fan club seats.

Which is not really about writing per se, but I was thinking about the types of things I do when I’m editing and listening to music is one of them. When I’m writing I like to listen to the kind of music my female protagonists would listen to. Lee from Triad would listen to Jeff Buckley and Fiona Apple, Maya would listen to PJ and Sleater Kinney, Corri would listen to Liz Phair and Tess would listen to Rage Against the Machine and Kittie.

It’s odd to think about how a character’s flavor will take over the feel of the story and my own mood

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