I hit my stride in the sequel to Triad last night and am happily humming along, I wrote a solid 5,000 words yesterday and I’m a happy girl. I still have to come up with a title though, the working title is awful and only in use because I need a place holder. Sometimes coming up with a title is harder than coming up with a story arc.

This one has a ten thousand year old faerie warrior, Conchobar, based on the Conchobar MacNissa of mythology. I am getting to use some gaelic, which is fun. The research is also quite enjoyable. Last time I got to research witchcraft and the occult and this time I get to research Faeries and Irish mythology.

I’m off to work! If anyone wants to toss a title my way, post one, if I choose it, you can win an ARC of the book when it comes out or some other similiar prize!

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