I have Crit partners!

I am not feeling as obsessive now, two folks that I respect and trust have offered to be my crit partners. This makes me happy. It’s hard to have someone read your work who isn’t interested in the genre (like my husband who likes that I write about sex but doesn’t read romantica), the impressions they give aren’t going to be as accurate as another person who writes and who reads and enjoys the genre.

Went to B&N last night because I got to dinner a bit early. What a lame store it was, no erotica section at all, I was shopping for a friend’s baby shower and they had a huge section on dogs but not one single book about breastfeeding, how stupid is that? They didn’t even have the Ellora’s Cave books that other B&N stores are reputed to carry. Ah well, I got her The Baby Book instead, Dr. Sears writes great books about childrearing. Instead of buying smut, I had to content myself with the new Writer’s Market and the copy of Angela Knight’s newest which is on the way via the mail.

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