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Now available once more in digital formats. Trade paper to follow.

Ten years ago, Sera Ayers walked away from the love of her life and in an attempt to move on, she used her skill with languages and joined the Federation Universes’ armed forces to fight in the growing war against the Imperialists. These days, she’s far more used to giving orders instead of the ones she used to take from her ex and though she’s moved on, the scars on her battered heart remained.

And then her ex storms back into her life, requesting her presence for a covert special operations team. And part of her cover is pretending to be the official mistress of a supposedly indolent member of one of the founding families as they head undercover to strike at the heart of a conspiracy that could shift the power and weaken the ‘Verses.

Suddenly she’s having to fight against her deep, chemical attraction to Ash Walker while taking his orders as the leader of the team. At the same time as she’s exploring her connection to the third member of their team, Brandt Pela.

Ash and Brandt are each members of one of the Fifteen Families that settled the Federation Universes back when the first settlers used the Portals to resettle from a dying Earth. They’re pretending to be lazy, entitled boys when they’re hardened weapons against the Imperialist threat.

Ash knows he made a mistake all those years before when he chose his family’s needs over the wishes of his heart. He had a responsibility as the oldest son to make a political marriage, even at the expense of his heart. But that marriage was over and the assignment he’d been handed had provided him a way to win Sera back. Even if it was a far more difficult prospect than he’d imagined.

Every day Brandt gets to know Sera a little better and falls for her a little harder. Every excuse he thought of to keep her at arms’ length fell away as the strength of her heart calls to him in ways no one ever had before. Even Ash, who is far more than just Brandt’s friend.

Soon, the danger on the other side of the door can’t stop the passion that’s ignited between the three of them. As danger swirls all around, they have to keep their wits about them and continue their ruse, even as the three attempt to find a way to be together in the world where social connection and birthright are of paramount importance.

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