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Andrei Solace is an assassin for the Phantom Corps. They call him the Shadow. He’s been honed to be a perfect weapon in the fight against the Imperium since he was bailed out of lockup eleven years before. And now they’re sending him back to the ‘Verse—and the people—he left behind.

Piper Roundtree is a mercenary prepared for anything—except for being rescued from Imperial troops by the man who left her and their ‘Verse behind years before. Though she’ll never forget every mesmerizing sensation he provided her, she considered them long ago done.

But against the high octane danger of war with the Imperium, that passion they’d both thought they left in the past is reignited.

The girl Andrei once loved—and left—is now a skilled pilot who easily flew through the canyons at high speeds just as easily as she drove him wild. And though Andrei tries to protect her from the darkness inside him, Piper respects and admires the skills of the soldier and the code of honor he lives by.

These two lovers must join forces—and let go of past hurts—to save the Federation before their enemy hurtles them into irreversible chaos…

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