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Tensions between the Federation Universes and the Imperium continue to rise. Daniel Haws and his ultra secret Phantom Corps are sent on a mission to retrieve some very important cargo from the heart of enemy territory: the court of the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Verses.

Carina Fardelle long ago learned the secret to staying alive in her father’s house was wearing a mask. As long as her father and his men believed she was little more than pretty fluff to be used as a bargaining chip, she posed no threat. She’d used whatever power she had to protect her mother and those closest to her, but when he announces his intention to marry her to one of his henchmen, a man known for his cruelty, Carina knows once that happens even her small bit of safety would be gone.

She reaches out to her contacts in the Federation to ask for help. She’s been getting secret information to them for years and that goodwill—and the promise to deliver more intel—serves her well when they agree to get her, and the data chip she’s managed to steal, out from under her father’s thumb.

On the run for their lives, Daniel begins to realize Carina isn’t the spoiled princess he believed she was at first glance. She’s clever, resilient and brave. Sexy in the way she owned her attraction to him. That confidence, even as she at turns surprised him with how brutally sheltered she’d been, slowly lowered his defenses to allow what was becoming an insatiable desire for her.

The constant threat of danger creates a closeness and intimacy where Carina slowly falls in love with Daniel and the way he’s gruff and severe but shows her a softer side. Touches her with adoration and respect as well as a greed she understood all too well.

She expected rescue from a man who’d been her enemy. He expected a spoiled, useless princess. Neither of them was prepared for just how intense their attraction to the real Daniel and Carina would be. Born as adversaries into different ranks, and on the run for their lives, masks off, they now need each other  and not only just to survive …

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