Excerpt from WILD DARKNESS

Wild Darkness




Lauren Dane’s “fresh, fun, fast-paced”* series comes to a thrilling conclusion as the heat of all out war fans the fires of an otherworldly romance…

The bombing that almost killed Owen witch Molly Ryan has worsened the tensions between the humans and the Others. While the Others desperately campaign to prevent the passage of a law that would strip their people of all rights, the human separatists develop an agenda far worse than anyone imagined. With her position more precarious than ever, security head Helena Jaansen finds herself relying more and more heavily on her personal guard, Faine Leviathan, and, despite her better instincts, falling more deeply into the intimate connection that they share.

As Helena and Faine’s explosive passion grows, a deadly separatist plot is discovered, one which could bring ultimate destruction for the Others, and war breaks out between the two opposing factions. With the Others forced into hiding, Helena must overcome her fear of repeating past failures to save her people—and her heart—before it’s too late…


Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing in mass market paper and digital formats, November 5


He’d wanted to talk with her on the drive out, but she’d taken one call after the next, working on her laptop as she did. Helena was rarely still. Most of him approved of this. She was a woman who knew her mind, who understood the severity of the situation and put all her attention on solving it. There was an intensity about her that he responded to. That her people responded to and seemed to be calmed and focused by.

But on the other hand, she’d taken one hit after the next and he wanted her to have just a brief respite from all this damned tragedy. Intensity like hers tended to take a great deal of energy and focus. Never having a break from it was hard on body and mind. He knew it was taking a toll on her. Knew the stress beat at her, splintering and drowning her. He wanted to protect her when he could. Knew on some level that the way she made him feel was different than he’d felt about anyone before. And he accepted it.

He also could admit he wanted her attention. He liked it when she focused on him. All that bright intelligence homed in on whatever he was saying.

“Why Pasadena?” he managed to ask once they’d gotten off the freeway and were headed to the Gennessee headquarters.

She looked up from her work with a smile and he was glad he asked. “Magick is good here. It’s clean, runs in strong ley lines from the mountains out to the ocean. When they first settled here—Owen witches I mean—they had their headquarters down in what’s now Long Beach. Near the port. But about fifteen years later, we settled out here. We sort of, I don’t know, dug in. The Gennessees have had houses out this way for the last three generations. My family are just over there in those hills.” She pointed. “Of course, we’ve got satellite offices all over the state. The territory is too big to manage otherwise.”

“I like the mountains. It’s nice to be able to go run.”

“It’s not as heavily forested as close to the city as Seattle is. But it’s good. The wildness of it all, city and nature, feeds my magick.”

Helena’s magick was vibrant. Golden yellows and blues. Lark’s was electric in a different way. But Helena’s had a taste his beast could identify with its eyes closed.

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  1. Holly Douglas
    October 30th, 2013 at 1:53 pm · Link

    Looking forward to this book I am excited I liked Faine in Going Under and Helena from Chaos Burning.
    Just love, love this series. 😉