Snippet Saturday – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Or in other words, Love hurts!

How about a snippet from  Second Chances…

Copyright 2010, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Carina Press


“I think you’ve done enough,” he said with a sigh. “Go, please.” He looked at Rori and saw the hurt in her face. “You knew I was seeing other people,” he began, knowing he was in a deep hole with no way of digging out. He wanted to throw himself on her mercy, beg her forgiveness, but he couldn’t do it. He sat there, numb.

She sighed and stood. “Yes, I did. I suppose I just hoped you wouldn’t come to pick me up with another woman’s lipstick on your cock. I can’t do this, it’s stupid. I want to go home, please.”

There was now yawning emptiness where only minutes before there’d been a sweet glow of possibility. He’d killed it and she should have known better. She hated how stupid she’d been and desperately wanted to be away from him. She couldn’t believe how naïve she’d been to think she could beat him at his own game. She’d lowered herself to game playing. No man was worth her pride.

He stood and grabbed her elbow in a gentle, but firm grip. “You knew I wasn’t exclusive with you. I was honest about that.”

“I’m not saying you weren’t. Can we please not do this here?” She jerked her elbow away, turning to walk out the door before she socked him in the nose for being such an ass.

The night air helped a little and she waited next to his car for him to catch up.

Any hope she’d had left that they might salvage any part of what they’d been building—of what she thought they’d been building was dashed once he opened his mouth and an apology wasn’t what spilled out. “I don’t want to take you home. I don’t see why we have to end the date. Why are you throwing a fit?”

“I am not throwing a fit, Jude. I have come to the realization that while I can deal with dating more than one person at a time, maybe even sleeping with more than one person at a time, I cannot deal with other women mauling my date and knowing that just hours before he was balls deep in her. So call me unsophisticated. It’s not what I want to do.”

“I didn’t plan it. It just happened.”

She gasped and her head jerked up as if he’d slapped her. Turning on her heel, she walked purposely toward the road, the gravel crunching beneath her boots. “God save me from men who just happen to do things,” she muttered.

“Where are you going? Rori!” He caught up with her. “This is why I don’t do exclusive,” he gritted out.

That brought her to a halt. The hurt was gone, replaced by good old-fashioned pissed-off woman. “What?

“This jealousy trip you’re on—it isn’t my thing at all.”

“Ego much? I’m not jealous. I just don’t think I can handle sleeping with someone who just had sex with someone else just hours before. God, it’s just a bit too seedy for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home.” Okay, so she was jealous but she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing just how much he’d come to mean to her in so short a time.

“You can’t walk home. Let me drive you.”

“I don’t want anything to do with you right now, Jude. It’s just a mile away, I’ll be fine.”

“You are acting like a spoiled brat who can’t get what she wants!”

“Oh, and what would that be?” she asked, her voice dangerously calm.


Thank heavens he was being such a dick. Rori threw back her head and laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. Tears ran down her face. “My God, you certainly don’t suffer from self-esteem problems, do you? Good night, Jude, I’ll see you around, I’m sure. I think it’s better if we just go back to being friends.”

You’re giving me the just-friends line?” The minute he said it he regretted it.

Her eyes widened and a look of pain flashed across her face, quickly replaced with raw fury. She put her hands on her hips. Her glorious breasts, breasts he’d never touch again, thrust out as she did it. “And what does that mean, Jude? Oh, that poor homely Rori would never be expected to tell good-looking town lothario Jude Callahan off?”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” But it was and they both knew it and he realized what an utter, cowardly asshole he was. He’d taken something that could have been really special, that was really special, and he’d ruined it because he’d been scared, because he couldn’t let go of a chance to stroke his ego and get laid. He’d hurt someone he’d genuinely cared for and he couldn’t go back. He felt sick.

“What do you mean then? Pray, enlighten me.”

He was speechless for a moment. Truth was, she’d pegged it. He’d gone into this thing, especially after her confession that she’d always fantasized about being with him, thinking he was a great chance for Rori. She saw his hesitation and read it correctly and snorted, spun on her heel and walked away.

He followed her at a safe distance until she’d gone into her apartment, slamming the door behind her, and then he turned and went back to the OBG.


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  1. Jamie L
    June 8th, 2013 at 4:16 am · Link

    I want to read this! Like right now! 😀

  2. Mary W
    June 8th, 2013 at 1:16 pm · Link

    This is a book that I have re-read soooooo many times. I love this book!!!!

  3. Kathleen Kibler
    June 8th, 2013 at 1:52 pm · Link

    I absolutely loved this book and have reread it numerous times. This book has it all!

  4. Linnik
    June 9th, 2013 at 1:20 pm · Link

    Top five, favorite books ever, though Jude ain’t got nothing on Zach.