Snippet Saturday – Author’s Choice

How about a sneak peek at UNCONDITIONAL?

Their second chance generates a dangerous kind of heat…

Cascadia Wolves Story

As a cop, Michelle Slattery is familiar with the dark side of human behavior, but this case is way above her skill level. Mages have been scouring the country kidnapping witches, draining their energy, and leaving their broken bodies behind.

With Michelle’s best friend among the missing, she appeals to the Owen witches, who send her to the last place she’d thought she’d see a familiar face. The werewolves.

When a witch seeking help shows up at the Pacific Pack headquarters, Josh Neelan gets the shock of his life. She’s none other than his high school sweetheart, the one he left behind when he was bitten and turned. Their intense sexual chemistry still sizzles for a reason—she’s his mate.

As they begin to work through their issues, their rekindled romance quickly flames red hot. But the closer they get, the more dangerous the outside world becomes. And they realize magick-thieving mages are just the tip of the iceberg.

Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing
Releasing August 6 in digital formats


“Come on. We’ll get you back to my apartment where your car is so you can get your bag. There’s a hotel about three blocks from me . Secure. We put people up there when they come in from out of town. Leave your car at my place .”


He put an arm around her as he steered her to his car. “If they know you’re looking for them, they’re going to be on the lookout for your car. If it’s in the garage at my building, they won’t know you’re staying at the hotel down the street.”

Which is something she should have thought of.

She grabbed her small overnight bag from her car and he drove her to the hotel where they knew him, and of course everything female seemed to fall over herself to be of any assistance.

“I’m walking you up so don’t argue.” He spoke, his lips against her temple, and she shivered.

Her scent dug into him with sharp claws. She was turned on, wet for him, her skin heated from a perpetual blush. He couldn’t help but stay close enough to breathe it in over and over, dragging her over his tongue, swallowing her in big gulps.

“Fine. Whatever. I just want to sleep so whatever it takes to make you go.”

He grinned as he took the keycard from her fingers and opened up, heading in to check the space out and also leave his scent all over as he touched doorknobs, brushed against doorways.

A suspicion had begun to build in his belly over the last hours, and each time he felt the need to do something like mark her space, it got stronger.

“I’ll collect you first thing. All right? We’ll grab breakfast and head out. We’ll go back to the gas station and track on foot from there.” He knew Damon and GiGi would have already, but she knew Allie’s magick better than anyone else and it added another layer to the search.

And it was all they had right then.

She nodded and he moved to her, intending to hug her, but she looked up at him and there was nothing else to be done but kiss her. He tried to keep it soft and slow but she made a sound, a quiet , needy sound and he swallowed it down, his tongue sliding between her lips, her taste, God her taste, it rocketed through him, filling him up and crowding everything out else but her.

His wolf pushed at him, wanted to lay her out and feast on her until he was sated. Until they’d eased the stress from her features. The fierce need to protect her made sense, the need to scent her space and draw her close.

She nipped his bottom lip, and he pulled her even closer, the jut of his cock against the softness of her belly. Her nipples were hard, pressing against him, begging to be touched. Licked, bitten.

He wanted to bury his face between her thighs, licking her pussy until she screamed out. Wanted her to ride his cock until he came deep inside her.

Which would be a whole different issue. He didn’t have any condoms with him, and the man slapped him back enough to realize he needed to talk with her about what all this meant.

She was tired and worried and scared. Now wasn’t the time. No matter how much he wanted it.

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