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Rocky Mountain Rebel?

Six Pack Ranch, Book 5


The best type of growing up involves getting down and dirty


Vicki Hansol made different choices than her less-than-reputable mom and sister, yet her fiery temper has left her branded with the same town-bad-girl label. When she desperately needs a change of scenery, her get-out-of-town-free ticket arrives—and requires she face down one of her deepest fears.


Easygoing Joel Coleman has nothing to complain about, but he’s never really done anything to brag about either. The youngest member of the Six Pack Ranch is looking to make some changes in his life that include stepping out from under his twin brother’s shadow.


So when the bold beauty with the smart mouth approaches him with a proposition, Joel is intrigued. Her request for him to teach her to ride soon takes on a whole new meaning. All that passion in his arms, his bed, in the barn…hell, anywhere he can get it? Bring it on.


But tangling the sheets leads to unanticipated complications, and by the time the dust settles, everything family means is going to be challenged.


Caution: Saddle up for some youthful vigor applied with great enthusiasm. Ropes, rails and raunchy sex—there’s more places to get dirty around the ranch than first meets the eye.





One of the joys of writing in a continuing series is that I get to return again and again to find out what’s happening next in the lives of previous heroes and heroines, as well as the continuing adventures of other family members.


While the story of Rocky Mountain Rebel is uniquely Joel and Vicki’s, there are twists and turns that give previous readers of the series glimpses of their favorite (to now) family. Newcomers to the ranch—I’ve worked hard to make sure each story stands alone, so while you might not get all the family jokes, you’ll be able to enjoy being introduced to a collection of people who are unique individuals while a part of a greater whole—a part of rock solid family.


Today, and at a few other special blogs during release week, I’ve got excerpts to let you take a peek into a few of those family relationships. Good, bad…you know, typical family.


And I hope you’ll join me in settling Joel and Vicki into their HEA.



Joel and Mike—his Dad


Mike shook his head. “Dammit. Raising you boys was easier when you were all trying to kill yourselves building tree forts on rotten limbs instead of getting involved with people I have no control over.”


“She helped me clean stalls today.” Joel had no idea why that bit of information popped out. “Just talked, mostly. She’s fun to be around. Easy to talk to.”


“Easy to kiss as well.”


Joel nodded. “Hell, yeah.”


Mike shrugged. “You make your decisions. I’m not about to turn into some fool of a tyrant, since laying down the law and ordering you to stay away from her would probably be the stupidest thing I could do, right?”


“You’ve never interfered before.”


“Exactly. I don’t know what brought you two together more than she’s a pretty little thing, and I doubt she minds looking at you either. It’s not my business. Only I hope you trust me enough to say there are warning signs here. Be careful. Don’t let your dick lead you into trouble.”


Joel bit down on his lip and swallowed his laughter. “Yes, sir.”


Mike flipped the shelf over and pounded in another nail. “You bringing her to Thanksgiving dinner next week?”


Oh hell. He’d forgotten. Suddenly the entire Vicki as girlfriend was rolling along way faster than he’d expected. “Not sure. She welcome?”


Mike tossed him a glare. “Don’t be an ass. If you’re going out with the girl, bring her home to our table. If you don’t want to bring her home, then you’re not dating her, you’re fucking her. And if that’s all you’re doing, I don’t want to know the details, but I’d be hell of disappointed in you.”


The fact he was doing Vicki a secret favour eased the flash of guilt at his father’s words. “I’m not fucking around. For once.”


“Smart ass.”


Joel chuckled. “Well, I’m not.”


The pause that followed was long enough to get Joel wondering. Mike crossed his arms in front of him and refused to break eye contact as he asked, “Jesse fooling around with her as well—?”


“No.” The word burst out like a shotgun blast. “And whoa on this conversation continuing.”


“Why?” Mike asked. “Because you think I don’t know about some of the games you and your brother play? I’m not stupid. Don’t treat me like I am.”


His dad wanted blunt, Joel could give him blunt. Even though his cheeks were burning. “No, Jesse’s not invited to play any games with me and Vicki. Not anymore. They were fun at the time, but they’re done.”


At that, his father looked him over carefully before nodding. “Maybe you are growing up then. Damn good job I’m doing with you boys, if I do say so myself.”


Joel snorted. “Nothing to do with Ma, right?”


“Hell, no, it’s all my work setting a shining example that’s coming to the foreground.” Mike glanced around the barn. “Although if you repeat that to your mother, I’ll deny I ever said it.”


Rocky Mountain Rebel

May 21, 2012

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