An Excerpt from TART

This is one of my favorite scenes from TART…

Delicious: TART by LAUREN DANE
Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing in trade paperback and digital formats November 6

“Dust the board. Just a little flour. The dough can get sticky.”

Gideon pushed his sleeves up and she tried not to get ensorcelled by the sight of his forearms.

“I flour the rolling pin too. Just on my hands and I rub it over the surface. You don’t need a lot. Too much and the dough gets rubbery.”

“This is way more complicated than I ever thought. I have new appreciation for what you do.” Gideon said this as if he weren’t actually pretty awesome at everything she’d ever seen him do.

“You’re doing fine. I’m not grading you.”

He followed along.

“What are you two making?” Cal wandered into the farmhouse kitchen from the living room where they’d been watching movies all day.

“It’s all Jules. She already made a cobbler and three pies.”

Cal’s features lit. “Pie?”

“I don’t think you’ve met a baked good you didn’t get all hot for.” Jules snorted as she worked.

“It’s good fortune, don’t you think? Being in love with a pastry goddess is very fine luck indeed.”

Already weak-kneed at the sight of Gideon and those gorgeous forearms, Jules fell into Cal as he entered the room.

Calvin Whaley was simply beautiful. At six feet and change, he was already imposing, but the broad shoulders stretched under olive-toned skin, taut with just the right amount of muscle. A narrow waist, a high, tight ass and long, powerful legs. Add the black hair, cut flawlessly and therefore framing his face to highlight his gorgeous features, and the blue eyes and you didn’t even need the fact that he had an incredible sense of style so the package was always attractively dressed in clothes that fit him perfectly.

Breathless as she rolled out the dough, she couldn’t take her gaze from him.

He kissed her on his way past. His gaze moved around the room as he took in the pies cooling on racks. His mouth curved upward a bit. Over to the stove where she’d just placed the finished cobbler to cool. Over to Gideon and up his legs and to his face. Sexy half smile this time.

Jules gulped, not even able to brace herself for his attention and when his gaze lighted on her face, she licked her lips.

“No one looks at me the way you do.”

She blushed. “Everyone looks at you. All the time. You’re one of those people other people want to watch on account of you being so pretty and all.”

Gideon laughed, leaning to kiss the top of her head. “You’re right.”

Cal shook his head. “Not that. Though it’s nice when you look like you want to spoon me up and take a bite.” He paused. “I don’t know if I can put it into words and do it justice. Everything you feel about me is written all over your face when you look at me.”

His words filled her with so much emotion she nearly drowned. “You fluster me. No one flusters me. I’m pretty stone cold and all that jazz and you . . . well, you look at me and I get all stuttery and nervous and it’s delicious.”
And scary.

“It’s one of the things I love most about you. Now bake me something, woman. You know how hot it makes me to watch you in the kitchen.”

She did, actually. Gideon said it was hot to watch a strong woman bake stuff for him. Cal had agreed.

“One of those pies is for Patrick so don’t either of you touch it,” she admonished lazily as she scanned the shelves until she found a juice glass she needed to cut the biscuits.

She returned to Gideon’s side and continued her lesson. “And then you cut the shapes like this.” She pressed the rim of the glass down through the dough with a slight twist and then pulled up again. “You might have to flour the rim a little here and there. And then just put the biscuit on the baking sheet.”

Cal breathed deep as he kept his attention on her as she worked. The kitchen smelled fabulous. She wore a high ponytail and a sundress. In her bare feet, she padded here and there around the room. To the oven where she bent, giving him a fabulous view as her breasts heaved up. To the table where she’d been working with Gideon.

She looked like an ad for soap, or something else equally wholesome. But she was so dirty just beneath it drove him crazy. He’d had no idea what lay just beneath the surface until he’d drawn the curtains and she’d gotten naked with him.

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