Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I totally did, I gotta say. I didn’t do a speck of work yesterday. Instead I stayed in bed, watched documentaries and my husband and children waited on me. A pretty nice way to spend a Sunday. Caught an awesome show called Cities on Speed: Mumbai Disconnected – about Mumbai and their traffic problems. Just a fascinating, really well done piece giving a unique view of a city with so many different perspectives. I totally recommend it! I also caught Shot in Bombay. The documentary is about the creation of a movie chronicling a police/gangster shootout – all while the lead actor is on trial for weapons charges (a 13 year long trial, I kid you not) and it’s got this sense of otherworldliness though it’s about real events and has a great grounding in what is happening in India currently and during the shootout the movie is based on. Really good stuff and both on the Sundance Channel right now if your local cable company carries it (no, not getting a kickback 🙂 Oh and a bunch of stuff on The Science Channel about planets and black holes. I love the Science Channel! (yes, I am a total nerd and I like it that way 😉

I also watched Mob Wives. What? I learned plenty yesterday too, LOL! Oh and watched a few hours of Dr. Who with the spawn as well. All in all, it was a lovely, low key and totally relaxing Mother’s Day. Back to work now, of course. This week it’s CAPTIVATED – which I’m thrilled to be back writing after taking the time to work on revisions/edits on other projects.

Have a great Monday – I hear we might get some sun today, which pleases me. It’s nice to work with the sun shining and my windows open to watch the birds. Especially when what’s on my screen is dark. I’m telling myself if I meet my word count goals every day plus another 1K I’m going to sneak out to see THOR on Friday. Hee!

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