How about a sneak peek of Trinity? Just a moment to introduce you to Renee and Galen. Soon I’ll put up some stuff about Jack to re-acquaint you all with the uber sexy Jack Meyers.

Copyright 2009, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing
Releasing October 20!

They sat side by side at their kitchen table, spooning up pasta salad and sharing the sandwiches. They’d bought the loft three years before and had spent a lot of time making it their own. The pictures on the walls, the art, the couch so heavy and cumbersome to move he’d toss it out the fucking window before he’d move it againβ€”these things were a tangible marker in their history.

He reached toward her, twirling a curl around his finger. “How was your day other than mowing down an unsuspecting dude?”

“Hey, he was way bigger. I totally took his apples to the pavement.” She sniffed and took a sip of her soda. “The usual. Phoenix,” she paused to roll her eyes at the use of her stepmother’s fake new name, “was all agitated about some letter she got. Dad came in and took her shopping and to lunch or something because she was calmer when she returned. Calmer than her normal state of up my assery, anyway.”

“Maybe he bent her over something. Always works to get you to relax.”

Her nose scrunched up. “Ew. Galen! If you’re still keeping sex on the menu for later, the comments about my dad and stepmom having sex need to stop.”

“We all got here somehow, babe. We all got here somehow.” He winked, knowing she’d get all ruffled up about it.

“Don’t make me stick my fingers in my ear and start singing. How was your day? Did you kick ass?”
“I always kick ass. Work was work. Hit my hours target for the year so that’s a load off.”

“Kinda stupid to have a billable hours requirement when the damned firm is all family.” She stole a pickle from his plate, but he’d put an extra out there specifically for that reason so he let it pass.

“Still have to pay bills. Even with family.”

“Things improve with Max?”

He sighed and she put her head on his shoulder briefly. Galen was very close to his older brother. The two of them were a lot alike, which was the reason they fought all the time. Max also filled the spot of Renee’s biggest fan within the jamboree, he defended her, sang her praises and generally adored her. In that, they were in total agreement. But they were still brothers and they acted that way. “After I punched him and broke his nose I know I felt better. Don’t know about him though.”

She tsked. “Galen. You two have to stop maiming each other. It’s very hard to get blood out of your shirts for one thing. For another thing, you’re not supposed to act that way with your own brother. He’s single, it’ll be harder for him to land himself a woman if he’s bruised up and battered all the time. If I had a sibling I would not waste time by punching him or her in the face.”

“You do know that when you get all judgy on me it only turns me on, right? All that moral indignation is hot. You’re like a school teacher I want to rumple and seduce into doing naughty things.”

She blushed, even as she laughed. “You know I’m right.”

“Babe, I know anyone else in the jamboree will definitely think twice before challenging me, Max or my father because they know we will kick their asses if they try. They’ve seen me fight. They’ve seen Max and my dad fight. This is shifter stuff, you know human rules don’t always apply to us.” He shrugged. They were not humans, they didn’t solve family issues the same way and he wasn’t going to apologize for it.

“You guys really need to call yourselves something tougher than jamboree,” she teased. “A gang. Oh! A cabal!”

He rolled his eyes at the familiar joke. “We don’t need a tough name. I can rip someone’s throat out before they can draw a breath. We could be sparkly unicorns and still eat your face off.”

“I still say if you call yourselves the Hell’s Jaguars or something you’d be even scarier. Better PR. As for eating? I like my face, Galen. But you can eat other parts of me.” She blinked her eyes, smiling innocently. Part of her allure, the naughty girl down just a few layers.

“But you do taste so very good.” He looked her up and down again. “Are you wearing a bra?” he asked, distracted by everything about her. She called to him, her magic, the way she sounded, the corkscrew curls she hated but wore better than any woman ever could. The combination was like catnip.

Her eyes darkened. Her eyes were the first thing he’d noticed about her back when he’d met her four years ago. Amber with flecks of gold and brown. In some light they looked hazel. Her combination of features, if they’d been separate on other people’s faces would have been odd. But on her it worked. There was no one like her in the world.

Faster than he could put his glass down and move to her, she was in his lap, straddling his body and those delicious breasts were at eye level.

“Now you can see for yourself.” She arched into him, her hands braced on either side of his shoulders.
“Like a present to be opened up.” Taking his time, he slid his hands up her torso, over the curves he loved.
She was his. That knowledge filled him, gave him purpose and satisfied him down to the bone.

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