Because I’ve gotten used to windows movie maker through doing video blogging, I thought I’d try to make a book video for a few of my upcoming books. The problem is, like video blogging, I look up and an hour has passed without my knowing it.

In truth, I’m not overly convinced book videos make a difference in book buying patterns. Shrug. Hell, lots of things I do I’m not sure if they make a difference. I don’t think I’d pay the kind of money I see being shelled out for a professional book video to be created. I’m not hating on people who do it, but for several grand I can think of other ways to spend my money (again, just my opinion here, do whatcha want for yourself).

However, I’m never opposed to learning how to do things for myself. I don’t think it can *hurt* to try book videos, most certainly. And I like doing the multi media stuff even if I’m not perfect at it. It’s fun even if it’s time porn in a major way.

I’ve got several books coming out in print the remainder of this year – Making Chase, Reading Between the Lines and Undercover (and Taking Care of Business in the UK) so why not give it a whirl?

Only now I’m laughing at what pops up when I put in certain search terms into the stock photo sites (blond female, military for instance comes up with all sorts of things so NOT on point with my book but it does make me giggle)

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