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Cascadia Wolves: Fated


Fave snippet:

“Tell me what’s going on? She sounds upset. Put her on.”

“Believe me, you don’t want that. We’re on our way back right now,” Layla said and hung up.

What the hell?

“Something is up, Megan sounded pissed off in the background but I don’t know why.”

Adam laughed. “Well, let’s hazard a guess, shall we? You called her sister instead of her. Her sister who you have seen naked and had sex with. This has to be uncomfortable for her.”

So Amazon clarified its position yesterday with what I think is a workable situation. If I understand correctly, what they’re asking is that those publishers who don’t use BookSurge for POD simply provide stock to Amazon. This is not a bad thing and certainly I can see why they’d want it that way. I’m going to keep watching the situation but at this point, I’m not nearly as worried as I was on Friday.

I was reading something at Pub Rants earlier about career suicide and I have to say, I’m still amazed at what people do and say in public forums. You don’t have to be boring, or perfect, but you should realize this is a business like anything else and when you stand up and slag off your cover or your editor or your publisher – or your authors or your competition – people see it and people remember it. There are ways to say things, there are ways to approach problems and levels of alarm about certain issues. I’m not saying you should simply roll over when you are having a disagreement with someone about something, but I am saying there are ways to deal with those things that are more effective than others. And frankly, sometimes, the best thing to do is:


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  1. Joy Roett
    April 2nd, 2008 at 3:56 am · Link

    Hi Lauren

    I’m really enjoying these snippets. Now if you could just give us a few more lines… 😀