Writerly Wednesday Review – Sexy Devil

Sexy Devil is a book containing two of Sasha White’s novellas – The first – The Devil Inside which was previously pubbed in ebook form at Samhain and the second, Devil’s Jewel which is a sequel.

One thing I love about Sasha’s writing is her voice. Doesn’t matter what it is, her voice is always clear in her books. It’s a young voice, smart, sharp, insightful. Her characters are real people with flaws and as usual, in The Devil Inside and Devil’s Jewel, really likeable. The sex, without a question, is hot and well written although you’ll find more in TDI than in DJ, they’re both erotic and sensual stories.

I do love an opposites attract story with a fun loving and carefree heroine, it’s a nice change from the usual where it’s the man who’s all wild and the woman more uptight. It’s done well here. Caleb is hot because he’s solid, grounded and yet, he’s the kind of guy who, once you scratch a few layers down, is wilder than you thought. I like that and Gina likes that too. I like that the misunderstanding wasn’t spun out into something silly either.

All in all, TDI is a hot story with a sweet edge. And as usual, Sasha does a great job with well drawn characters and hot chemistry.

Devil’s Jewel brings back Angelo (yum), Gina’s brother from TDI and he’s on the hunt. And he meets Jewel, a gypsy who’s also looking for her sister who’s been kidnapped.

Right from their first meeting (hot dangerous action), there’s great chemistry between the two. The paranormal aspects of the story are interesting and dark.

I loved how Devil’s Jewel is more like a continuation of TDI than a separate story. You get a lot of Gina and Caleb, which I really loved as well as getting to know Angelo (Devil) and Jewel. As such, the phyiscal relationship between Jewel and Angelo goes slower although they have lots of heat between them. I liked that, I liked that it wasn’t a two minutes after meeting they were having sex thing but the story was still sexy. It takes an artful hand and White does it. When they finally do have sex the tension has really made you work for it and believe it.

The paranormal parts of the story, as I said above, were well done and drawn nicely. I really liked that part.

Taken together, the whole package of Sexy Devil is very satisfying, very hot and a whole lot of fun.

2 comments to “Writerly Wednesday Review – Sexy Devil”

  1. Red
    November 28th, 2007 at 2:54 pm · Link

    Hey Lauren! I’ve heard so much about this book I’m dying to read it! 😀

  2. Sasha
    November 28th, 2007 at 4:35 pm · Link

    YAY! I’m glad you like it. TDI was my first novella ever, and written years ago, so I’m thrilled to get it out there. Plus, I’ve always known I’d eventually have to write Angelo’s story. LOL

    Sexy Devil, as a package was a bit different style for me, not as edgy as my regular contemporaries, but it was great fun, and I’m glad that you as a reader of mine were able to enjoy the slight shift in style.
    Thanks, Lauren!