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Titilating Tuesday

Last night we took the kids to the pumpkin patch and had a lovely time. The weather warmed up and cleared although it was a muddy pit down in the field itself. Heaven for my sons. Of course we get everything weighed and see the “cash or check only” sign. Thank goodness the van had some cash and change in it or we’d have had to take a pumpkin back. Lawd, I can’t believe we didn’t even check beforehand. We do this every year, you’d think we’d know by now.

And then I wrangled them to eat, clean up and get in bed. Not easy when they’re all Halloween pumped.

I got 2142 written on Standoff last night. Cade is just about to meet our heroine. I’d originally called her Kate but I realize Cade and Kate is very close and sort of odd. Also I just wrote another heroine named Kate so I’m going to have to re-think her name. Still, it was a good writing session.

I also did some second round, quick edits on To Do List. I love finishing up a project! Although line edits are next so I’m not quite finished.

Anyway, more to do! I’ve got excerpts up at my messageboard! Don’t forget to enter the Raven Halloween Scavenger Hunt if you haven’t yet! Great prizes and tons of fun. YOu have until month’s end!!

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  1. Mandy M. Roth
    October 23rd, 2007 at 6:01 pm · Link

    Reading this made me think about the fact I haven’t done the pumpkin patch thing with my boys yet this year. I’m so behind. They’d love it but I lost track of what time of the month it is. Looks like we’ll be visiting one before the week is out. 😆

    I tend to do that too, name a heroine the same name as one I did recently. Then I sit there wondering why it sound familiar. Yes, I think I need to get out more. 😆

    Sounds like you’re moving right along on your to do list!

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