Finished and Sven

Wheee! I finished the polish of my short novel partial, dirty/bad/wrong last night along with the newly revised synopsis and mailed them both to my agent this morning. Megan and I emailed, critted and IM’d back and forth last night until what was quite late for her, working on our intertwined scenes.

It’s interesting to see how a project sort of takes on a mind of its own. The story for me is about dichotomy, about my character and her internal divisions of self. When it came time to write the partial so my agent could pitch, I was like, “meh.” I love the idea, I wanted to write it, but not right when I needed to. So every word was like a job. And then I realized the issue was I didn’t have enough meat and I couldn’t very well have 50K of sex or even 50K of internal discussion or worse, some contrived black moment. So I brainstormed and the story settled into the place it needed to be and I finished it in just a day and a half. By the time I finished last night with the little adjustments after some crit, I was so thrilled with it. I love it and I’m glad I kept at it. I love Megan’s story too and I think combined, they’re just fabulous together. Funny how that works!

Sven progress yesterday – 3125 = and 10,938 words for the first three days! In real terms those words represent a completed partial, a revised synopsis and the start of a new novel. (the partial already had been started).

A very good start to Sven!!

I’ve been guesting in a few places! First over at Amy Smith’splace – there’s a prize so head on over!

And today I’m at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk talking about secondary characters – also with a contest!

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