Tuesday Stuff, Threat of Darkness, Wordcount, Etc…

I finished editing and revising Reading Between The Lines and sent it to my editor, wheee! I’m also up 1305 words yesterday when I began to input all my edits, etc. Tonight I’ll start on Wolf Unbound but I’ve got a book releasing tomorrow and my sister-in-law is coming over to hang out a while with my nephew so the middle part of the day I’ll be making sure no kids kill each other in the back yard.

All told, in the first 15 days of the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge, I’ve written 40,081 words! WHHEEEEE!

Threat of Darkness releases tomorrow from Ellora’s Cave! This is Jayce’s story. Many of you have written to me over the last two years since we met Jayce in a Touch of Fae, asking for his book and so you get it. He’s got to share his story, and his life with Mei nia Aine and Cardinian Leviathan but they’ve both got a lot to say and add to Jayce’s life too. This is related to the Witches Knot series, you’ll see some familiar faces, but it’s standalone and a different group of people for the most part. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. This was one of those tricksy books that wants to be something and then you try to fight it because you have other ideas but it won’t fit into the box! I re-started this book from scratch twice because it kept trying to be a menage and I wanted it to be about Jayce and Mei. Once I gave in and let it be a menage, the story just flowed and was really easy to write. I have a very bossy imagination apparently.

A brief excerpt is behind the “more” cut… 18 and over only please.

Card rolled his eyes to look up at her. As always, it seemed he looked right through her, right to her heart. He held her gaze as he loved her with his mouth, fucking into her with his fingers.

Her entire body began to shake with need as he quickened his pace on her. She finally broke away from his eyes, closing her own and leaning her head against the wall behind the table. Her hands sifted through the thickness of his hair, holding him to her as he feasted. Devoured. Worshipped her with his mouth.

A low, nearly feral groan came from her lips. He touched her so deeply, affected her. Saved her. Her body vibrated on a frequency just for him. When his teeth abraded her clit she arched as climax burst over and through her body.

Through a haze of intense pleasure she felt him stand up and take her lips in a kiss. Her arms automatically encircled his neck, holding on as he plundered. Her taste, mixed with his, was sweet on his tongue as he slid it against hers.

Big hands at her waist pulled her to the edge of the table and moments later he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. He swallowed her gasp of delight and caught her bottom lip between his teeth for long moments.

“You. Are. My. Everything.” Each word was followed by a roll of his hips, sending the thick meat of his cock into her, slicing through the heated walls of her pussy.

“Yes,” she moaned because there was no other answer.

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  1. Amelia
    July 24th, 2007 at 1:57 pm · Link

    Lesson learned: never fight the menage.

    I fought the menage, and the menage won.