Nearly finished with my paper edits on Reading Between the Lines. It’s always hard to know what a story really is until you let it lie for a week or so and then pick it up again. Thank god it makes sense and flows and all that stuff, LOL. I love this couple, Haley and Conall are a lot of fun and Haley really transforms in some ways from start to finish, she’s got to deal with a lot of stuff so her journey was a challenge to write in an authentic way. I think I did it though!

Threat of Darkness releases on Wednesday from Ellora’s Cave. For everyone who’s written me in the last two years asking when I planned to do a story for Jayce macTavish, who we meet in A Touch of Fae – here you go. This is Jayce’s story along with Mei and Card’s as well. Yes, a menage. I did not plan for this book to be a menage. In fact, I re-wrote it from scratch twice but Card wouldn’t let go of Mei! And once I just threw my hands up and said, “Fine! Just do what you want.” and mumbled about them all being so ungrateful, the story really sped along for me. I suppose there’s a lesson in there about just writing the story that wants to be written. And in truth, I absolutely love this book and it turned out better than I’d even imagined.

To celebrate, A List Mom Day!

Please Join: Lauren Dane, Taige Crenshaw, Robin Rotham and Christine d’Abo as we host the Reader Chat for the sweet spot in the middle of the day on July 24th. Between 8 am pacific/11 eastern and noon pacific/ 3 eastern we’ll have excerpts and prizes from:

Taige Crenshaw
Christine d’Abo
Lauren Dane
Robin Rotham
Anny Cook
Claire Thompson
Red Garnier
Ravyn Wilde
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Megan Kerans
Mackenzie McKade
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Charlene Leatherman

With more coming by the day! Mark your calendars and get ready to party with us!

There’s a contest at The Bradford Bunch and The Dynamic Trio – you may want to check that out. And check in tomorrow for a contest here as well!!

70 Days wise – With my faboo numbers, I’m ahead of the numbers and I’m mainly editing right now. I’ll get some word count when I start to input all my edits and I’ll update then. I’ll be back to writing again by mid week.

OH and a tip – when your nearly 3 year old comes up to you and says, “here momma!” look at what she’s giving you before you take it. Just trust me on that…

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  1. R.G. Alexander
    July 22nd, 2007 at 6:02 pm · Link

    YAY YAY Threat of Darkness!!
    And I’ll be coming to the to the chat!

  2. Christine
    July 23rd, 2007 at 6:58 am · Link

    Always love a contest. Hooray Threat of Darkness releases

  3. rhian
    July 24th, 2007 at 7:37 am · Link

    if i can break away from work – i’ll pop by for a minute! Pimpage of your latest on my blog – of course! i think i incorrectly place your latest book’s world in the Witches KNot one – sorry! 😳