Friday Booktalk

I’ve been really sick and pushing a few deadlines since I returned from RT so my normal reading pace has slowed to just about nothing. I do want to talk about Chris Green’s Night Rising though! I started the book on my way to Houston and finished it up on my way back and I have to say I enjoyed it.

The nits to pick? I wanted more fleshed out. I don’t think I was 100% convinced that a woman as savvy as Dawn would engage in such an intimate relationship as she did with Limpet without knowing what he was. She asked but I felt like, horny or not, she would have demanded. Now I understand Green is drawing it out, it is a series after all, but I felt off balance. Not because I personally didn’t know but because Dawn didn’t know.

Generally though, Night Rising was an entertaing read. I thought the characters, especially Dawn, were vivid and interesting and kept me reading. I liked the different elements to the story, I liked the darkness in both the story and the characters. I did not expect this to be a romance, I didn’t expect it to be pure fantasy or mystery either so I wasn’t disappointed that it straddled a few genres – in fact I loved that.

Her mythology of vampires is very unique – again I wanted to know more but this is a three book series and I realize she’ll draw more out as we continue on so I can wait.

I’ll be back for book two which Chris/Crystal says will be out in February of 2008 – Midnight Reign.

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