Today was one of those hectic parenting days from hell. Middle kiddo had a birthday party about 40 minutes away, sometime after the start of the party I had to get oldest son to the school for his play. Wee monster stuck with me. I delayed going into the auditorium as long as I could but I knew I’d need a seat where I could stand up if I could or leave as I didn’t know if middle dude and my husband would get back before the play started.

So two year olds hate plays. I’m just saying. Luckily my husband did arrive and he took wee monster out of the theater and I hung out with middle dude and watched the musical which was lovely and oldest kiddo was very cute. All the rushing and splitting schedules makes me tired.

Wee monster however, looks quite adorable in her “princess dress” she insisted on wearing to the play and now won’t take off so she’s dancing around singing and begging for Baaabie Punzo (barbie rapunzel – a dvd Megan sent that my daughter watches daily)

I have work to do so I need to buckle down and get working tonight when everyone goes to sleep.

For the contest minded among you – have you checked out Lacy’s Blog for her What She Craves contest? What She Craves comes out next month and I have to say, if you love historical erotica, this is one anthology you need to grab. Oh and I have an Ohmibod (her prize) and it totally rocks!

I’m working on a post about different kinds of heroines that Shannon Stacy’s piece at RTB last week sort of started brewing in my brain but that brain is mush right now from all the child herding I’ve done today so perhaps tomorrow or Monday.

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  1. cathy
    February 10th, 2007 at 8:43 pm · Link

    So of course I went right over and entered it. Too fun a prize to pass up, so thanks Lauren. 😀

  2. Charlene
    February 11th, 2007 at 5:18 am · Link

    Have a cupcake. I made lemon with cream cheese frosting and candy sprinkles. Cupcakes make everything better.