Friday Booktalk

So I read several books last week but couldn’t talk about them all last Friday so I held a few over for today as I didn’t get much reading done this week with all the edits I needed to finish.

Snap by Shelley Munro

As usual, Shelley Munro produces a story that sucked me in from the first sentence. I think this is actually my favorite Shelley book (which is saying a lot!). I loved the storyline which is filled with interesting twists, Shelley’s signature humor and scorching hot love scenes. This is no chain of sex scenes peppered with some story, it’s a great book with some very hot sex!

In Alice, she gives us a heroine in unusual circumstances – she finds herself the owner of a condom company! A self described “almost-virgin” she’s confronted by the very sexy James who’s my favorite kind of hero – the bad boy who really isn’t so bad after all.

I loved the set up, wacky cult figures shouting “bad bad birth control,” hilarious and snotty family members and ex-fiancés and the need for one-on-one condom testing. What else can I say, Snapped is a winner.

You can read an excerpt at her website

Furthering my Eileen Wilks binge – Tempting Danger

This is the start of Lily and Rule and I loved it. I said before with Blood Lines that I think Wilks’ worldbuilding and Lupi culture is unique and fresh and fascinating and I’ll say it again.

Lily is a homicide cop, a woman and she’s got a secret – she’s a sensitive. Rule Turner is a skirt chasing werewolf prince. When they meet it’s instant attraction but I loved that Wilks makes us wait for the eventual consummation and didn’t have Lily just accept her chosen status immediately.

The mystery, which unfolds further through the next two books, is intriguing and well done as is the action and the chemistry is incredible.

I loved it.

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