Hump Day!

Last night’s chat was really fun. Thanks to everyone who came by to spend a really busy hour or so with us and a special thank you to Crissy and Angie who fielded loads of questions about Samhain!

Finished my proposal for The Others and got to to my agent so it’s on her to do list now, LOL! I also got a submission to my editor and now I have the luxury of choosing what to do next from a list of pressing things. I started thinking about Making Chase today which is nice because I love Matt Chase. I think I saved him for last for a reason, LOL.

Ascension is now turned in to final so I should be hearing back soon on a release date soon.

I went to pick my son up but he didn’t show up. I tried to go inside but all the exterior doors were locked so I had to trudge through the snow to find a door to get inside. I check with his teacher, he’s not there, it’s music class Wednesday. Where do I find him? Playing in the mirror with his buddies. Apparently there was play rehearsal today that had been resecheduled. But school has been out since late last week with the snow so I didn’t know. Grr. He’s going to be a Boxer in the 101 Dalmations musical at his school. He’s excited after a brief disappointment when he found out he wasn’t going to be a dalmatian. We looked at Boxers on the web and he perked right up. I love that he’s so easy to please (unlike his sister who is working my last, tired nerve over and over again)

My pens came today! They’re sooo pretty!!

Now I’m babbling and I need to get dinner together…

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  1. Shelley
    January 18th, 2007 at 6:32 pm · Link

    The chat was fun!