Checking In

I started edits on Taking Chase last night. I’d been reticent to start so I could keep working on Threat of Darkness, which I’d really slid back into after my lightbulb moment. But once I started working, I fell right into it, which is always a good sign. Generally when I finish a manuscript I try not to think about it until I get my edits back. Sometimes I might think about a way to flesh something out but usually when I open it to edit, it’s like a reintroduction to these characters again – which I think helps to keep it all fresh. Last night as I worked I fell in love with the characters again.

After I finished up for the night, I started Nora Roberts’, Angels Fall. It grabbed me right away. She’s very good at writing three dimensional heroines. I like this one a lot. Of course she’s got a wounded past she’s running from, which shares some similarity with Cassie in TC, but for different reasons. She’s taken a similar premise to LH’s Cover of Night and taken it from a more romance perspective – and I liked CON a lot too. It’s good to see how they handle the storylines – IMO, so far it’s the strongest Nora book (other than her In Death books), I’ve read in a few years.

I had a little crisis of faith last week about writing but I’m past it now. I got past a major block because I’d been approaching it all wrong, the edits are going well – I can do this. It’s not so much that anything major has changed, but at the same time, it just passed and i’m still moving forward.

And on a glamorous note, I dealt with the Mountain ‘O Laundry for hours yesterday. Five people put out a lot of laundry! I ironed and folded and hung up and ironed some more. I also folded up the outgrown baby clothes and the clothes that my dude and I now swim in (my old clothes are up to eight sizes too big). I can’t believe how much stuff we have. It’s now my goal to get rid of 50% of it. I have some organizing projects in mind, which will thrill my husband (in case you can’t tell, i’m being sarcastic). I want to move our bed (king size, so big project and he’ll have to do the lion’s share, LOL) and then I want to put up shelving in our room and the kids’ rooms too. Oh and hooks near the front door for all the crap (jackets, backpacks, etc).

Tomorrow, the Mavs will be chatting at our website at 6 pm pacific/9 eastern. Come on over and say hello!

4 comments to “Checking In”

  1. Shelli Stevens
    October 16th, 2006 at 10:04 am · Link

    I hate laundry day! Glad you broke through the block, those can suck royally!

  2. Karen Erickson
    October 16th, 2006 at 10:25 am · Link

    Writing blocks suck – I’ve had a few myself recently. Glad to hear you’re feelin’ it again.

    Laundry always sucks – we have 5 in my house too. I feel like I could do laundry every day and still never catch up!!!!!

  3. Charlene
    October 16th, 2006 at 1:48 pm · Link

    Congrats on getting through your block and getting through the laundry, too. 😀

  4. Lauren
    October 16th, 2006 at 3:59 pm · Link

    Thanks, Shelli!

    Karen, it’s the folding and the putting away and ironing I hate so much!

    Charli – thanks, doll!