Stuff and Junk

It’s quiet and the blue skies and warm days of last week have given to the typical Seattle fall and it’s foggy, cold and gray. So fueled by coffee, I’ve spent the last part of the day dealing with laundry. Ugh. Ironing, folding and other glamorous things. The dude took the boys out on a walk in the rain to get all that energy out. Sheesh, they’re like big dogs in a tiny space.

I’m at 14K words on Threat of Darkness. Just finished the first big sex scene between the three, now they go to confront part one of the big bad.

But I have to stop writing on it for a few days while I finish edits on Taking Chase. I hate to have to stop right now as I’m flowing so well but if I don’t, Angie will hunt me down and kick my ass. So on to edits, LOL.

I got a new review of Vengeance Due from RRT Erotic – I’m really pleased with it! Isabelle says in part:

With VENGEANCE DUE, Lauren Dane has written an emotional, compelling tale of a troubled soul who finally finds a safe harbor but is afraid to take it after a lifetime of loss. At its heart this is a story about two people who grow into maturity as they open up to the possibility of love. For Simone, it’s a realization that not everything can be perfect; and for Kael, it’s a time to finally find some healing and hope for the future. Hot, sultry and magical, VENGEANCE DUE is as memorable as the city it’s set in.

I also saw that Shelley Munro’s, Peeping Tom got a great review from RRT Erotic too! WTG, Shel. Oh and TJ, nice review in JERR for Spirit of the Pryde – really complimentary of your writing skill! I’ve been so pleased to see just how well the entire Autumn Animalia series has been received.

What’s everyone up to today? I think we may carve pumpkins later today and dinner sounds in dire need of soup or something casserolish.

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