Today my middle kiddo is five. Wow. People always tell you when you’re growing up that time will move by quickly once you’re an adult and they’re so right. Only you don’t know it then, which is kind of sad. I was telling him his birth story last night, a tradition round here on birthday eve, and he *got* it for the first time. Last year he sort of looked around and asked about his cake, LOL. This time he was like, “Really? The doctor had purple tie dye clothes on?” He’s starting kindergarten in three weeks. My baby will be two in four days and my oldest nine in three months. Time does fly and every minute, even those in which my kids are tying themselves to bookcases and running, is precious.

Weepy mommy moment over now, LOL.

I finished Taking Chase yesterday! Woooot! I’m editing it now and it’s out for beta so Angie the magnificent should be getting it soon. It’s an interesting process, writing a book. You write it bit by bit and have an idea of what it is but it’s not until you finish up and read it as one solid thing that you truly see it. Sometimes you have to shore things up and other times it’s better than you thought it would be. Usually, I find myself in the middle. I have to say that I really love this book and the characters.

Now it’s back to my paranormal universe!

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