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Thankful Thursday

I usually do this at my loop but I thought it might be nice to bring it over here from time to time.

1. A release date for Reluctant (9/27)

2. A release date for Tri Mates (11/08)

3. Nearly done with Taking Chase! (1/30/07)

4. Pearl Jam in two more days!!!!

5. My vacation with my husband is quickly approaching, yay!

6. Wonderful reviews of my books

7. Great friends

8. Continued ability to come up with new ideas

9. Being down to just one kid has given me some really nice quiet
time with my husband!

10. My sons having a great time with their grandparents

11. My husband, who is seriously the most wonderful man in the world
and my very best friend.

12. Cupcakes, sigh.

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