Release Dates!


Layla Warden had a ten year plan and it sure as heck didn’t include a mate. She had her flashy car and her corner office and all was right with the world until Sid Rosario sat down at her table and turned her life upside down.

Sparks fly right off as the two werewolves flirt over dinner and it’s no surprise to either of them when they end up back at his hotel room, naked and sweaty. But what is a surprise is that Sid is her mate and they don’t figure it out until the bond is sealed.

Angry and off balance, Layla asks Sid for some time to think and he gives her a day and a half to get herself straight. Any longer than that and the lack of the anchor of the tri-bond, the stabilizing third bond for a werewolf female, will begin to take its toll on the female mate’s sanity.

Layla, driven by confusion and fear, heads out of contact while a frantic Sid looks for her. What comes next helps a reluctant wolf find her way to acceptance


Werewolves mate for life. For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. So Tracy Warden is thrilled when she discovers Nick Lawrence, the sexy Enforcer for another Pack is her mate.

But sometimes, lucky wolves get to double dip in the form of the extremely rare Tri Mate Bond. And so it is when Tracy discovers that her Anchor bond with National Pack Mediator, Gabe Murphy is far more.

Suddenly Tracy finds herself with two Alpha males whose hunger for her never seems to wane. But their bliss is marred by the heavy hand of Warren Pellini and the werewolf mafia and his reach goes very high up indeed.

Money laundering, kidnapping, assault and other general mayhem can’t mar the intensity of their bond but it sure can threaten their lives.

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