Monday Stuff

It’s Monday again! But it’s not nearly as hot as yesterday which is nice. The boys are out back playing in the sprinkler and Ms. Thang is here in the house with me and my mom. My parents have been spoiling my kids totally rotten, which is fun to watch, LOL. Course it won’t be fun to deal with later but that’s what grandparents are for.

Went to Ben and Jerry’s yesterday and had key lime pie ice cream. Oh yes I did. And it was delicious! But I only had about half of it because Moo ate the rest with a big grin on her face.

I have all these great books to read but I need to finish edits first! I’m nearly done with Reluctant edits and then I’ll get to finishing up Taking Chase and then back to Battlefront. My EC editor says I’ll be getting edits on Thrice Bound soon too, yay!

I just want to nap all day, sigh. Not gonna happen I don’t think, LOL.

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