Junk and Stuff

Let’s see… I went out to dinner with my husband last night and it was quite lovely. I got to wear my new black stilettos with the scary pointy heels with my 50’s style black dress. And it was just the two of us, we had drinks and browsed through the bookstore afterwards drinking a chai tea latte and seeing that A Touch of Fae will be arriving at that Borders “within 3 – 5 days” which made me very happy. We rarely have time alone and it was just wonderful. Happy sigh.

Went out and did errands with my mom and the boys during the afternoon. God, my kids can be such monsters! Especially the 4 year old. He’s just got so much damned energy, he’s not maliciously bad, but he’s just wild. He’s got a sweet heart and he’s a snuggler and a lover but man, does that kid wear on my last nerve sometimes. I think my dad believes I’m having a nervous breakdown. I don’t think he realizes that my entire day is made up of me trying to keep 3 wild people from killing each other and themselves. I’m like, “hell, I barely even yelled today!” Luckily they love their grandparents who adore them which is good for everyone.

This afternoon we’ll all take a walk up to the new Ben and Jerry’s Scoop shop they put in at the shopping center. Yes, that’s right, my life is now taunted by the presence of a Starbucks and a freaking Ben and Jerry’s within a fifteen minute walk of my house. Damned ice cream anyway, why do you have to be so delicious!

Got my final turned in for Tri Mates with the blurb. I hope to see a release day soon. Now I’m working on edits for Reluctant and then it’s a quick look at my proposal for GWAB and back to Taking Chase and Battlefront.

Oh and I bought the new Kim Harrison yesterday, along with the new Jo Leigh Blaze and the new LKH. I’ll write up Danse Macabre later on in the week. Got the new Dixie Chicks and have been listening a lot to it and She Wants Revenge which my husband brought home late last week.

SO, all in all, a good few days! And you?

2 comments to “Junk and Stuff”

  1. Kathy
    July 3rd, 2006 at 3:35 am · Link

    HI, Lauren, You are quite right about the kids, sometimes “all you can do is keep 3 wild people from killing each other”! My husband used to complain about all the yelling with our kids, now with the grandkids, he’s asking, “How do you get them to listen?”

    We have our daughter’s 2 children today and we are treating it like day camp. I bought stuff for crafts, hot dogs, popsicles, stuff for ‘smores,and nachos and cheese dip. I will make sure the ‘smores are late in the afternoon, when it is time to take them home…heh!

    Got to see my new grandaughter on Saturday, and took her the bonnets I’d made her…so-o-o-o-o cute. I took lots of pictures of her. She is 2 weeks old and has changed so much already.

    Have a great 4 0’July!

  2. Lauren Dane
    July 3rd, 2006 at 4:46 pm · Link

    LOL on the day camp, you have to do stuff like that to keep them interested.

    And they do change so much so fast! I’m glad she’s doing well.