Several Things

First, get on over to the Maverick Authors blog and read Anya Bast’s entry about synopsis writing. Seriously. It’s really good and very helpful. For any writers out there, you know that synopsis writing can be more challenging than writing the book so Anya’s article is really useful.

Secondly, my friend, fellow Night Whisper author and Writer Babe, and excellent author, Shelly Munro has a new release out today, Stranded! Go check it out!

Cathryn Fox has a sexy cover for her upcoming Avon release – it’s seriously hot stuff! Go and look!

The CAPAs came out this week and several of my friends are on the list of nominees! Congratulations and good luck to: Anya Bast, Shiloh Walker, Rhyannon Byrd, Mardi Ballou, Lora Leigh, Tawny Taylor, Michelle Pillow, Mandy Roth, Eve Vaughn, Lisa Renee Jones, Annalee Blysse, Laura Baumbach, Sylvia Day, Kate Hill, Charlie and Jaci Burton, Cheyenne McCray, Mackenzie McKade and Syneca for her cover art (the person who’s done many of my covers including my all time favorite, Enforcer). If I’ve missed anyone, my sincerest apologies. The lists are long and filled with excellent authors both those I’ve mentioned above and ones I haven’t.

Loose Id is having a sale! – In honor of Loowis and Loosey, we’re throwing a five day sale event, beginning right now and lasting through Sunday February 19th at midnight. You’ll get 5% off every ebook title you purchase for five days, automatically. Go to their new web address for the details!

On a serious note, Millenia Black has a most excellent discourse on race and publishing up at her blog. Go and check it out!

Loads of great stuff going on out there in the webverse, go check some of it out!

2 comments to “Several Things”

  1. Ashley Moore
    February 21st, 2006 at 9:04 pm · Link

    I was just checking out your upcoming books and I was wondering if you were going to come out with Jayce’s book soon. He is one of my favorite characters. Please let me know. It seem like your have a lot of books going and I was wondering when to expect his story.

  2. Lauren Dane
    February 21st, 2006 at 9:22 pm · Link

    Ashley, funny you should mention that but I picked it up last night and I’m already 5 thousand words into it. I’m really clicking with it now and I hope to push through and finish before the end of March.

    Tentative title, Threat of Darkness.