Mari and Annalee have both tagged me in the Seven Things Meme.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

  1. Be On the NYT Best Seller List, the USA Today Best Seller List (you get the picture) – multiple times would be good, too.
  2. Go to see the pyramids at Giza with my husband
  3. See all of my children as happy, well adjusted and successful adults
  4. Make a good living with my writing due to a very solid career
  5. Paris, an expensive hotel, expensive champagne and chocolates and me and the man, nekkid for like, three weeks.
  6. Prague again, only this time with actual money
  7. Train trip all across Europe and Asia

Seven Things I Can’t Do

  1. Serenity – I am an incredibly impatient person. It’s a flaw I’m working on it.
  2. Listen to more than three hours’ worth of Pokemon facts per day. I have to say, “okay that’s it, mom has reached her Pokemon satiation point, to tell dad.”
  3. Sing. But that doesn’t stop me
  4. Eat eggs. I hate them. But I wish I liked them, omlettes look so tasty.
  5. Put eyedrops in. It’s why I don’t have contacts. Once when I got conjunctivitis right before our wedding, I had to get special eyedrops and literally, my husband had to lay across me to hold me down and hold my eyes open. He’s a keeper, LOL.
  6. Hear music and not want to dance
  7. Watch the Exorcist. I watched it once when I was twelve and it’s haunted me forever. The movie scares the crap out of me. I love the idea of it, but I just can’t do it.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse

  1. His intelligence. He’s the smartest person I know.
  2. His passion. He believes in things and he works to make them happen. That’s so sexy.
  3. His parenting. Nothing sexier than a man who’s a good dad.
  4. Okay, so shallow, I know, but his looks. He’s got this black hair and eyes so deep brown they’re black and he’s tall and hard and mmmmm, just damned sexy. Even more so that he’s got grey at the temples now and that despite the fact that his face has been one I’ve seen for nearly twenty years, I still find something new about him to love. Oh, and his ass. The man has a stellar ass.
  5. The way he loves me. There’s nothing in the world better than feeling cherished.
  6. Watching him do his job, he’s all take charge and ass kicking and it’s very attractive.
  7. His sense of humor. It’s dry, really really dry.

Seven Things I Say Most Often (this one is going to be bad)

  1. Fuck. It’s a perfect word. It’s an exclamation, a noun, a verb, something good and something bad all rolled into one.
  2. Whatever
  3. I don’t say this, but I do the rocking devil horns a lot and I have forever. My oldest son does it now, LOL. Megan Hart and I also have made up a little emoticon code lml because she’s goofy like me.
  4. Terms of affection like: doll, dollface, darlin, sweetie for people I adore
  5. “Oh, uh uh”
  6. “Get your finger/hand out of your ____” (this to the kids, all day long)
  7. “Can you tell me why you’re doing/not doing that?” (variations of this include, WHY? What the heck do you think you’re doing! Stop doing that!)

Seven Books I love

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. Wuthering Heights
  3. Dune
  4. Foundation
  5. Welcome To Temptation
  6. Handmaid’s Tale
  7. Assorted Poetry of Pablo Neruda

Seven Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

  1. Alien
  2. Brazil
  3. 12 Monkeys
  4. Bend it Like Beckham
  5. the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice
  6. Kill Bill Vol 1
  7. The Matrix

Seven People to tag:

  1. Anya Bast
  2. Megan Hart
  3. Lili (who won’t do it and may possibly complain about it, LOL, but I’m tagging her anyway because I love her and she’s cute when she’s grumpy)
  4. Mechele
  5. Shelley
  6. Jan
  7. Charli

7 comments to “Tagged”

  1. lili-g
    January 7th, 2006 at 11:00 am · Link

    But it’s sooooo looooong!
    Oh! I can’t!
    I’ll try, maybe for next Sunday.
    Okay? I’ll try. I will, but only because it’s you.
    I’ll do as much as I can before the vapors set in and I faint.

    You may have to come fan me.

  2. Lauren Dane
    January 7th, 2006 at 11:03 am · Link

    I suppose you’ll want me to feed you grapes, too? LOL!!

  3. lili-g
    January 7th, 2006 at 12:50 pm · Link

    Yes, and chocolate.

    I’ll have it on tomorrow.

  4. Lauren's Husband
    January 7th, 2006 at 8:46 pm · Link

    You’re just buttering me up so I’ll keep making you lattes.

  5. Lauren Dane
    January 8th, 2006 at 8:05 am · Link

    Ponders actually buttering you up, hmm… Too sticky and I’d get sick licking you clean.

    But I do love your, uh, lattes, yeah, that’s it.

  6. Annalee Blysse
    January 9th, 2006 at 9:15 pm · Link

    I enjoyed Welcome To Temptation too. I bought Bet Me yesterday. As I recall that was the excerpt at the end of the book. I hope it was! LOL. But I saw it and remembered I was interested because of WTT.

  7. Lauren Dane
    January 10th, 2006 at 8:12 am · Link

    Annalee, if you liked WTT, you’ll definitely like Bet Me. Another fabulous heroine, there’s this love scene on her couch that’s one of my all time favorites.