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Just For A Saturday Giggle

Top Ten Thoughts On The Minds Of People In Line For Star Wars (the writers on Letterman still got it)

10. “Nice of Cher to loan me her Academy Awards outfit.”

9. “First in line…. This’ll look good on my resume.”

8. “The babes should be coming over to talk to me any minute now.”

7. “I shouldn’t have to wait in this line — I’m Carrie Fisher.”

6. “I sense a disturbance in my hairline.”

5. “Is that some sort of image-gathering droid?”

4. “Princess Leia… Princess Leia… Princess Leia… Princess Leia….”

3. “What I want is a prequel to ‘Turner and Hooch’.”

2. “This line better move soon, or Paul will have to host the show for me.”

1. “What a couple of geeks.”

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