Snow! Back Against The Wall Sex! Triad! Gay Cowboys!

It doesn’t snow very often in my part of the US but today and yesterday we’ve had lots of lovely white stuff on the ground and in the trees. The kids had a great time in it this morning and then I brought them inside and had a change of clothes for them after the great snowball fight of 2005. When I was a kid we had to drive to the snow, it’s a lovely thing to know my children will grow up with the memory of snowball fights and snow days.

Making progress in The Rebel. Someone is so going to get some up against a wall very soon. And then things really get complicated. Heh.

I’ve signed many copies of Triad now. It hasn’t gotten old yet. I still dig opening it up to the title page and holding the pen there.

I’m going to hang out with a friend on Sunday and I hope I can talk her into seeing Aeon Flux. BTW, she and I are going to see Brokeback Mountain on the 7th so I’ll let you all know what I think late next week.

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