Woooot! I dodged the turkey bullet! So some of you already know this but there are few things in life that intimidate me and cooking turkey is one of them. I hate hate hate sticking my hand into the icky, frozen turkey cavity (and ugh, is that the grossest way to put it or what?) to pull out the bag of turkey innards. Shudder. I hate never knowing how much to buy, I hate the whole thawing process and how much time it takes to cook and the entire thermometer process too. I mean, WTF? But as I am the only one in my immediate family who likes ham, it’s turkey on Thanksgiving and I hate it. My mom always made it look so easy too, getting up at O Dark thirty to start cooking. She never looked daunted by the turkey innard grab. But my mom can lay a concrete sidewalk, sod and build a six feet high wooden fence without much consternation too. (and she toll paints, sheesh)

BUT, my lovely friend Christi has saved the day and allowed me to remain a coward for another year by inviting me and my motley band of monsters to her house for the day with some of our other friends. Yay~! I’m sure it’ll be lovely, she’s one of those people who has the perfect house for entertaining and is just an overall wonderful person with the cutest Texas accent ever. Plus, her son has a snake and a tarantula so my boys are in heaven.

Laguna Beach, my terrible crack TV addiction is over for the season. The final episode had to be one of the most anti-climactic episodes ever. In short, it was lame. Lots of weeping and hugging and moving to LA. And I just want to say, I grew up in LA and Laguna Beach is not like 19 hours away for god’s sake! It’s just up the road a bit and it’s not like these people live across the country but you’d have thought they were heading to Peru or something as they drove off, weeping in their seventy thousand dollar SUVs. No fights, no stupid attempts at wisdom by LC but wait, she’s getting her own show called, “The Hills.” Ugh. I am in pain at the thought. There is only one character less interesting on the show and that’s Big Face Dieter and because he’s LC’s guy BFF, I’m guessing we’ll have to seem him too.

Oh, gotta go, the baby is eating crayons. See what a superior vision of motherhood I am? Turkey phobic and a crayon eating enabler. Sigh.

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