Looking for A Cool Holiday Gift Idea?

Aside from being one of my dearest friends and a person who I just absolutely love to death, Megan Hart also happens to be an amazing writer. Right now, she’s selling her books in print, complete with an autograph. I want to urge you to check her out if you have not already.

One of her books in particular is a big favorite of mine – Passion Model

Here’s the blurb:
Passion Model: SF Erotic Romance

When Recreational Intercourse Operative GMMA 03271971 drags a PSSN-M model pleasurebot to an inspection station to check for a faulty ignition, she doesn’t expect his lovemaking to send her over the edge into the most explosive climax she’s ever had. But what she really doesn’t expect is to find the handsome bot is really a man. Declan has a secret, one that could get Gemma fired from R.I.O, or worse…maybe even killed.

Here are some details from Megan herself:
Autographed books make great gifts. I’m selling off my stock now at reduced prices…Order your copies now and save…! Not only are all prices $2 less than buying directly from the publisher, but I’ve included shipping, handling and tax! One price covers all (plus my autograph, which you know is worth…a lot…erm….)

Order for yourself or for friends, family, etc.

How to order: send me an email: authorm AT meganhart DOT com telling me what you want and how many copies. Some quantities are very limited. I’ll tell you how to make payment and get your address and all the important information from you and ship your books media mail rate. First class shipping is available for a little extra, if you can’t wait long enough. 😉


One comment to “Looking for A Cool Holiday Gift Idea?”

  1. Christine
    November 22nd, 2005 at 8:07 pm · Link

    I absolutely LOVE Megan Hart! And I loved Passion Models too! Opening the Door and Playing the Game were fantabulous as well!