Chocolate Hangover

Man did it rain here last night! The kids were soaked to the skin when they got home but still had a great time as only kids can, LOL.

I spent yesterday hanging out with my two partners in crime: Anya Bast and Megan Hart at our Maverick Author loop and we had a great time. The excerpts flew hot and heavy and I was reminded what amazing authors both Anya and Megan are.

After everyone got cleaned up, dry and dressed for bed, I snuggled in myself and picked up the glorious television crack pipe that is Laguna Beach. Oh, do I love this show. I snicker more in that half an hour than I do the whole day. It’s gloriously shallow and hilarious without meaning to be, which makes it even better. Perhaps I’ll include snarky recaps of LB to this blog, just for fun.

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