Okay, so I was a good little writer last night and edited my ass off. Tightened things up, got rid of superflous stuff, narrowed focus, that sort of thing.

Second Chances has a BDSM storyline. But that sentence is limiting. It’s more than that. I think that most books with BDSM sex in them have a tendency to totally miss out on the depth of emotion. It’s more than just the flogger hitting the ass or putting wrist restraints on someone. The sub is giving something to the Dom, something more than her body. It’s difficult to convey the depth of that, but I’m trying nonetheless. It just takes a bit more time and energy to do a sex scene justice. (ah, such a burden, writing sex, but I will perservere, heh).

I’m anxious to finish up so I can get back to Dark Justice – it calls to me!

If you like vampires, Anya Bast has written a great blog entry about them on our Maverick Authors

blog. Take a look, it’s good stuff.

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