Geekin' it with Lauren…

Okay, so if you have problems with sci fi geekiness, you should turn away now…

So Friday night I had the choice between writing/working on the dreaded synopsis or watching the first two episodes of the new Battlestar Gallactica series on the Sci Fi channel. I chose BG. And I’m not sorry.

I was very impressed last year when I saw the mini series and hoped that they’d continue it and when they announced the series it made this fangirl’s heart go all aflutter.

My verdict: They spent a lot of cash and you can tell. Excellent sets, good quality film, wonderfully inventive scripts – I’m quite happy with the twists they’ve put on the new cast (Starbuck being a woman, Boomer being a cylon, cylons who look like humans, etc). I’m happy that there’s actually something on television that I want to watch these days.

Oh and I have a crush on the actress who plays the cylon who tortures Gaius, the way she delivers her lines, so dry and funny. Balthar is really sexy too but still selfish and dastardly.

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