Wonderfully Delicious Smutty Goodness

I just wanted to plug a few things that I’ve read lately and loved. If you like smut, whether you call it erotic romance or not, give Shiloh Walker’s newest Hunter‘s book a read. The entire series is interesting and fun to read and extremely sexy on what Tracy has led me to start calling the “batteries needed scale”

One can never lose reading Anya Bast (I’m lucky enough to be getting an advanced look at Blood of An Angel which is really good) but as it’s not out yet, give her latest release, Ordinary Charm a try, you won’t be sorry. Oh and while you’re at it, check out her other Embraced series books, Blood of the Raven and Blood of the Rose.

I’ve recently re-read Lora Leigh’s Men of August series. Very hot, a lot of emotional stuff, she can really write men with a great deal of emotional depth.

I’ve also read a lot of Elizabeth Lowell. She can write a man that you want to kick the crap out of but who redeems himself at the end, plus her research is excellent. Tell me No Lies is a favorite as is Amber Beach.

Triad is still going through the editing process and A Touch of Fae is now officially on the schedule and set for a September release. I’m also doing the dreaded synopsis for Wolf and want to finish Enclave too. Oh and get an agent. Nothing like a heaping plateful of things to do!

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